How to play your own videos with On-Demand Streaming

First when you order select Ondemand Streaming instead of Live Broadcast, with on-demand you have web space allocated to your account and ftp login information to connect to your wowza server.

On entering the wowza control panel below on the servers section select your server by clicking on the little image like a notepad (overview). If you need to change the type of server from ondemand to live broadcast or the other way around, then click on the the little wheel, for configuration of the wowza. There by going to Plugin you can change the server type to live broadcast, ondemand streaming, shoutcast, ignore it, it is not enabled.

So if your server was selected correctly now on your server you going to have the ftp host, username and password. You need a ftp software, dont use filezilla, the one we recomemd is coreftp which is free and you can download at:

Install it on your computer and then run it.

On site name enter for example, My wowza

Host, username and password you have it on the wowza control panel. and then finally on the ftp be sure to select port 21 and ftp connection.

click connect.

now on the left you have the contents of your computer on the right you have your wowza server, from your computer select the videos files you want, they must be flv or mp4 format and click on the arror ==> on the left side of your ftp software this will start the upload to your wowza server.

When that is done, you’ll see on the right the video files you uploaded. Be sure to have their name, ex. video1.flv , video2.mp4 and so on.

There are already some files there, you can ignore them, but you can also delete them, although the file sample.mp4 should at least remain.

Now that you have your files on the wowza server lets prepare a player. The default player with the sample.mp4 looks like this:

Replace sample.mp4 with any of your mp4 files or if they are flv, replace the mp4:sample.mp4 with the flv file, no need to have flv before the name of the video file. so for example a fiile called video1.flv the player would be:

Please Upgrade Your Flash Player

Now copy and paste the code on your site and there it is a nice player.

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