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Cart All In One For WooCommerce
Sidebar cart icon
display a small sidebar cart icon at the corner of the screen. Let the customer know how many products they have in their cart. And allow them to open the sidebar car pop-up.
Sidebar cart pop-up
the sidebar cart pop-up appear when a customer adds a product to cart or click on the sidebar cart icon. The pop-up allows them to view their cart, use coupons or go to check out page directly.
Product information
the sidebar cart pop-up displays the information about products in your cart. Include product name, product image, price, quantity.
Change quantity
customers change the quantity of each product in their cart.
Remove Product
a remove button appear next to each product name, allow you to remove that product from your cart.
Cart Subtotal
display the subtotal amount, this amount does not include tax, shipping… and be same with the subtotal amount in your cart page.
Cart total
display the cart total amount.
Update Cart button
when customer change quantity/remove product in their cart, the update button allows them to update the cart total amount.
Use Coupon
Coupons can be applied on the sidebar cart pop-up. If the coupon is added successfully, the subtotal amount will be reduced and the plugin will display a successful message. If the coupon can not be used, the plugin will display an unsuccessful message with the reason.
a check out button allows customers to go directly to the check out if they decide to purchase your items.
View Cart
go to the cart page directly with the View Cart button.
Related products
the related product option allows to display related product at the bottom of sidebar cart. You can choose to display the best selling products, recently viewed products, or top rated product.
Menu Cart icon
the plugin will display a cart icon on selected menus. The icon will display the number of items in the cart.
Dropdown cart
display cart dropdown when customers hover their mouse over the menu cart icon. The dropdown display information about products, variation, image, quantity, subtotal.
View cart button
redirect customers to your cart page.
Checkout button
allow customers to go to the checkout page directly.
Select option pop-up
in archive pages, when a customer clicks the add to cart button of variable product, a pop-up will appear allowing them to select the product variations. With the variation pop-up customer can select product variation, quantity and then add the product to cart.
Change the add to cart button label
change the label of the add to cart button to “select options” or any text you want. This option applies to variable products only.
2 styles
there are 2 sidebar cart style full height and pop-up.
4 position
you can put the sidebar cart in 4 positions.
Flying cart animation
animation display the product go to customer cart.
Add to cart animation
display an animation of the product “fly” to cart when clicking the add to cart button.
change background change, title, title color, apply coupon button color in the header area.
Product list
background color, product image radius, product title color, remove icon color. Change the title color when hover mouse on the product.
change background color, checkout button text, checkout button color, view cart button text, view cart button color, cart total text color in the footer area.
Navigation page
choose to redirect to the cart page or checkout page when clicking on the menu cart icon.
Show content
display the content of the cart when hover mouse on the menu cart icon.
Cart icon text
choose to display product quantity, total price, or both quantity and total price on the cart menu.
Cart All In One For WooCommerce helps you to reduce the time customers need to complete purchasing and increase your conversion rate. The plugin provides a sidebar cart pop-up allows customers to check the cart total, apply coupons and go check out page directly from the product page, shop page. The AJAX add to cart button allowing add product from product page without reloading. And a select variation pop-up allows adding variable products to cart on shop page.
Sidebar Cart for WooCommerce
Display Sidebar cart pop-up with all features of the WooCommerce cart page. Customers can add coupons, select quantity, remove items, go to check out page directly from the sidebar cart. This option helps to reduce the checkout time. Increase the conversion rate of your store.
Menu Cart
The plugin adds a cart icon into your menus. Allows customer to view the cart by hovering their mouse on the menu bar.
WooCommerce AJAX Add to Cart
The AJAX Add to Cart option allows customers to add products to cart from single product pages or quick view pop-up without reloading the page.
Add to Cart button for variable products
The plugin offers a custom Add to Cart button for your variable product. Your customers can select variation and add the product to cart in archive page without going to the single product page.
Customize WooCommerce cart
The plugin allows you to change the front-end of sidebar car, mini cart icon and menu cart icon to match with your website.
Sidebar Cart pop-up
Automatical open sidebar cart when adding products to the cart.
Open the sidebar cart when add products to cart.
Sidebar Cart icon
4 front-end styles.
45 cart icon.
Change background, cart icon, product quantity color.
Menu Cart
45 cart icon for you to select.
Change the color of the cart icon and cart hover color.
Change the text color of the menu cart.

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